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Note that downloading these with IE will put it in a temporary folder first, then copy it to the correct directory. This means you will need twice the disk space. Use a better file downloading software if you are having problems with this.

There can be other problems downloading DVD #2 as well since its size is just over a 32bit integer which can cause trouble in some softwares. If you download this file and end up with a file around 2-300MB, your software is buggy. If you're using FAT32, you can't download DVD #2 because FAT32 only supports up to 4GB files and #2 is 4.3GB.

If you want to verify the correctness of your download before you burn, there is a file called MD5SUMS with checksums in MD5 format available. For win32 users, there is a zip-file with the md5sum utility.

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[SUM]MD5SUMS2005-05-26 14:24 842
[P2P]StarWars-Revelations-DVDs.torrent2005-05-25 13:57 78K
[VID]Zap_BTS_clip.mov2004-12-20 21:20 17M
[VID]cinemaryland_web.mov2004-02-28 01:23 33M
[VID]day-1.mov2005-04-15 22:44 18M
[VID]day-2-part-2.mov2005-04-16 21:42 46M
[VID]day-2.wmv2005-04-16 14:10 29M
[VID]inside_report_rev.mov2004-09-08 18:39 10M
[ARC]md5sum-w32.zip2005-05-26 14:26 69K
[VID]premiere_day.mov2005-04-18 10:59 80M
[ISO]revelations-1.iso2005-04-25 12:07 3.5G
[ISO]revelations-2.iso2005-04-26 15:56 4.3G
[ARC]revelations_dvd_art.zip2005-04-26 13:08 12M
[VID]revelations_film_QT_large.mov2005-04-17 13:56 242M
[VID]revelations_film_large.wmv2005-04-17 15:05 252M
[VID]revelations_trailer_web.mov2003-02-18 18:17 7.0M
[VID]web_trailer_II_large.mov2004-03-02 20:57 11M
[VID]web_trailer_II_larger.mov2004-03-02 21:54 13M
[VID]web_trailer_II_small.mov2004-03-02 22:20 9.2M

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