PuTTY bug dynamic-tunnel-session

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summary: Cannot use dynamic port-forwarding with specific IP protocol in saved session
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
absent-in: 0.62
present-in: 0.63
fixed-in: r10031 597cbddbb9248ece77032bc80bf3e828064416fd 2013-08-23 (0.64)

In PuTTY 0.63 (but not older or newer releases), it's not possible to create a saved session with a dynamic SOCKS tunnel bound to a specific protocol (IPv4 or IPv6).

A dynamic port forwarding setting in a PuTTY session saved in 0.62 or before can fail to work in 0.63, if it explicitly specifies 'IPv4' or 'IPv6', with a message like 'Service lookup failed for source port "D8080"' in the Event Log.

Also, creating a fresh dynamic tunnel specifying IPv4/IPv6 and saving it in a session with 0.63 yields a saved session with a non-working tunnel (here you'd see 'Service lookup failed for source port "L8080"' in the Event Log). The tunnel only works as specified if the session is launched immediately after it is configured (but even then you see the nonsense string "DL8080" in the settings dialog).

Dynamic tunnels with the 'Auto' protocol setting (the default) are not affected by any of this.

After installing a fixed version of PuTTY, any affected sessions that were originally created with 0.63 will need to have the relevant dynamic tunnels removed, re-added, and re-saved.

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