PuTTY artifact host-key-sig-verify-fail

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summary: Occasional "server's host key did not match the signature supplied"
difficulty: tricky: Needs many tuits.
present-in: 0.55 0.56 2005-01-31 0.57 0.58

We've had several as-yet-unexplained reports of this (SSH-2 specific) error message, which may represent a bug in PuTTY or in an SSH server, or perhaps data corruption in between. They've been difficult to reproduce.

To determine for sure whether the problem lies in PuTTY or not, we need extra information from a diagnostic build which we can provide, as well as the ordinary SSH packet log.

One interesting report had both this SSH-2 failure, and the SSH-1 failure "Incorrect CRC received on packet", occurring reproducibly on the same machine, and no other. Some further digging into the SSH-1 problem by our correspondent indicated that PuTTY's rsaencrypt() function was playing up; and they found that with their compiler ("Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 13.10.3077 for 80x86") adding /Od (disable all optimisations) made the problem go away.
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