PuTTY semi-bug null-opaque-resize

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summary: Opaque resizes under NT cause trouble
class: semi-bug: This might or might not be a bug, depending on your precise definition of what a bug is.
difficulty: tricky: Needs many tuits.
priority: medium: This should be fixed one day.
present-in: 2001-03-26 0.51
fixed-in: 0.52

Opaque resizes under NT cause trouble when the user changes their mind and carefully drags the window back to the way it started out: the contents of the screen have been trashed and no resize event is sent to the server. Perhaps redisplay during resizing should be reimplemented in a way that doesn't change the terminal buffer's size at all.

Original report: Pine.LNX.4.33.0105081849050.32668-100000@sziami.cs.bme.hu

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