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summary: Ability to run Pageant as a Windows Service in NT/2000/etc
class: wish: This is a request for an enhancement.
difficulty: tricky: Needs many tuits.
priority: never: We don't ever intend to fix this.

People occasionally ask if it's possible to enable running Pageant as a Windows Service.

It's not. This is for two reasons:

In any case, I've never been sure of the usefulness of running a long-term SSH agent to supply keys to automated scripts. That doesn't seem much more secure than just leaving the unencrypted key on disk - it might protect you against physical-access attacks in which the attacker shuts the machine down, steals the hard disk, and then can't recover the unencrypted key, but against the much more likely network attack in which the attacker gains access to the still-running machine it's no help because it's almost as easy to read keys out of the agent's memory as it is to read them off disk.

A better solution for automated scripts is to create a dedicated SSH key for each automated task, and restrict the capabilities of that key on the server side. Then just store the private key unencrypted (readable by you only, of course) on the client. That way, if an attacker manages to gain access to the key file, then they don't gain unrestricted access to the account on the server; instead they only gain the specific ability to tamper with the progress of that particular automated script. Also I think it makes the scripts more reliable, because they only depend on disk files, and they're not dependent on the presence of a persistent process that might have (for example) unexpectedly segfaulted or been accidentally killed a day ago.

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