PuTTY bug psftp-hang

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summary: PSFTP hangs/consumes 100% CPU when launched from Explorer
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
absent-in: 0.56 0.57 2004-11-27 r4904
present-in: r4906 2004-11-28 0.58 2005-08-11 2007-01-03
fixed-in: r7098 af38fcbfbce7f0defc8659117c256391fb1a9b56 2007-01-13 (0.59)

We've had several reports of PSFTP 0.58 hanging or consuming lots
of CPU. It appears that this only happens when it's started from
Explorer or the Start Menu, rather than the Command Prompt (which
suggests an obvious workaround).

I wasn't able to reproduce this on Win98; however, on Win2K SP4,
a PSFTP instance started from a shortcut (including from the start menu)
seems to just sit there and munch CPU when asked to "open <sessname>",
whereas the same binary started from cmd.exe, or from Explorer not via
a shortcut, works fine. No output is seen even if the shortcut invokes
"psftp -v". Same problem if the shortcut specifies the session directly.
(Seen with 0.58 and 2005-08-11:r6183.) Also reproduced on WinXP.

(PSCP actually suffers from the same issue if started from a shortcut
with a set of arguments that invokes network activity, although
people are less likely to notice that.)

External reports & sketchy notes:

 * 17762650.1119449356166.JavaMail.root@wamui-cedar.atl.sa.earthlink.net
   XP Pro, 0.58 
   run, "open [server]", username/password
   then responds sluggish (3mins for "exit")

 * C22F646F6265F94A919BC05D7726FAAF01228820@CHZHBEXC12.ch.kworld.kpmg.com
   XP - sometimes - 0.58 (not "older")
   only when more than one psftp session?

 * 005e01c5a75e$f590d040$06c8a8c0@PETER
   0.58, not 0.56
   consumes CPU for several mins before starting to xfer; thereafter OK

 * F8B9B12641FB6B4FAC761BDEF9D63B040616284E@tlv-ex-01.adprod.bmc.com
   Win2K SP4 - "several computers" (machine specific?); 0.58
   start from cmd.exe - OK; from Explorer - hangs
   hangs after username; sometimes recovers, but slow get/put

 * E1DcmyG-00029Z-00@ixion.tartarus.org
   0.58 on XP SP2
   ok from cmd.exe, not from Explorer; hangs between username/password

Possibly related?:
 * eed4e9ec05062811354a7ba1a8@mail.gmail.com
   XP SP2; 2005-06-28:r6024
   hang on bye/exit/quit (command prompt, batch file) from connected
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