PuTTY bug pterm-logtype-crash

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summary: pterm aborts if Default Settings has SSH packet logging enabled
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
difficulty: tricky: Needs many tuits.
priority: medium: This should be fixed one day.
present-in: 2005-02-04
fixed-in: 2005-03-16 e4520ee6c70f38ce598b6be8d1dfd265f83e9f5a (0.58)

Setting the logging type to SSH packet logging in Unix PuTTY, then
invoking pterm and attempting to open the "Change Settings" box gives
an assertion failure:

pterm: ../dialog.c:476: dlg_stdradiobutton_handler: Assertion `button < ctrl->radio.nbuttons' failed.

This is because pterm doesn't have an SSH packet logging mode, so it
can't represent the saved setting in its dialogue box.  The same
problem affects PuTTYtel, and similar problems may exist for other
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