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summary: Proxying via an SSH jump host by running a remote command
class: wish: This is a request for an enhancement.
fixed-in: 6f7c52dccee36f6593a3fa4498ce1cc5d9952c66 (0.78)

PuTTY 0.77 introduced the feature of proxying a network connection over a secondary SSH session, by means of connecting to a proxy SSH server and asking to open a direct-tcpip channel to the ultimate endpoint. (This is the same way that plink -nc operates, and also the same thing done by OpenSSH if you use its corresponding -J and -W options.)

We've now extended this further, by adding the option to ask the SSH server to run a particular command, instead of making a TCP connection directly. So if you can only contact your destination server by SSHing to a proxy host and having that host run a complicated command to make the connection, then now you can set that up conveniently in PuTTY.

Put another way: where the previous SSH proxying feature was a more convenient alternative to configuring plink %proxyhost -nc %host:%port as a local proxy command, the new one is an alternative to configuring plink %proxyhost some-totally-different-command.

A few examples of why this might be useful:

The new feature also permits you to invoke an SSH subsystem of your choice, as well as a command. However, the interaction with the subsystem is expected to consist of only the forwarded network traffic, with no prior handshake signalling the destination host. So this will only be useful if you've already configured a subsystem that connects to that specific host, or if your server supports a whole family of subsystems which have the host and port baked into the subsystem name.

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