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summary: An embedded version of Dropbear gets confused by SSH_MSG_IGNORE
difficulty: taxing: Needs external things we don't have (standards, users etc)
absent-in: 0.58
present-in: 0.60

We've had a report of a problem with SSH-2 connections to a Tandberg video conferencing codec running what claims to be "dropbear_0.45". The codec announces itself as "TANDBERG Codec Release F6.0 NTSC / SW Release Date: 2007-04-27".

The connection ends up using a CBC cipher mode, and the codec drops the TCP connection after receiving the first empty SSH_MSG_IGNORE from PuTTY. This problem doesn't affect PuTTY 0.58 because it doesn't send such messages. A version of PuTTY clobbered to never send SSH_MSG_IGNORE works, as does 0.56 (modulo an independent bug), despite the latter's sending non-zero-size SSH_MSG_IGNOREs along with SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST.

This problem doesn't seem to occur with vanilla Dropbear 0.45.

A bug-compatibility option could be added to deal with this, but it's not very clear either what systems are affected or what the limits of the bug are.

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