PuTTY bug systray-breaks-ptr-hiding

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summary: System tray activity breaks pointer hiding
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
priority: medium: This should be fixed one day.

Activity in the Windows system tray (new icons, possibly changed icons) can cause the pointer to become spuriously unhidden when `Hide mouse pointer when typing in a window' is checked.

We've had one report of this on Win2K (5.00.2195). I (JTN) can reliably reproduce it at work with Win2K by sending myself mail (Outlook adds an icon to the system tray when this happens).

Update, 2004-Jul-25: I was unable to reproduce the system tray behaviour on a Win98SE system, but activity in other windows would cause WM_MOUSEMOVE and WM_NCMOUSEMOVE messages to be sent when nothing had actually changed. As of tomorrow's snapshot, PuTTY will ignore such messages. Hopefully this will solve the original problem; if it works for you it'd be nice if you could tell us.

(Aside: the mouse pointer occasionally seems to get shown on my Win98SE system - as a pointer, not an I-beam - and then isn't hidden by subsequent typing. I think it may momentarily be an hourglass first. It's sometimes caused by playing a .WAV file for a bell, and sometimes happens for no apparent reason. This doesn't appear to be visible to the usual PuTTY show/hide pointer mechanisms (show_mouseptr()), so isn't fixed by the above change.)

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