PuTTY bug unclean-close-crash

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summary: Reports of crashes on unclean close (related to port forwarding?)
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
present-in: 0.55 0.56 2004-11-29 2005-01-16 2005-01-24 2009-02-10

We are getting persistent reports of PuTTY crashing when a session is closed uncleanly, for instance by a network error such as "software caused connection abort". This limits the usefulness of the ability to restart dead sessions that was introduced in recent releases.

(Some people are apparently in the habit of hibernating their machines with active PuTTY connections. When the machines come back up, the network connections are likely to be invalid, so PuTTY throws a network error and gives the same problem.)

Many (all?) of the reports indicate that port-forwarding is in use. We've not yet been able to reproduce it.

See also unclean-close-hang, which seems more or less specific to Windows Vista and Windows 7, and definitely doesn't require port forwarding to be active.


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