PuTTY bug win-server-resize-forbidden-hang

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summary: Windows: hang if server tries to resize window when resizing is forbidden
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
present-in: 0.78
fixed-in: ebceb8bc9494af6d93ace9f6ea84bb3d09adb8f3 5678b4c7cf07da12694d69113017c033fde079a4 (0.79)

In Windows PuTTY, if you turn off window resizing completely in the configuration (so that even the local user can't resize the window with the mouse), and if the server attempts to send a control sequence to resize the window, PuTTY will stop printing terminal output completely.

This was caused by a bad interaction between the code in the terminal that suspends output processing while waiting for the window to finish resizing, and the code that forbids resizing (but never notified the terminal that it was forbidden, so the terminal carried on waiting).

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