PuTTY bug win95-resolution

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summary: Problems with host name resolution on Win95; WinSock 2 implicated?
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
absent-in: 0.52 0.53b
present-in: 0.54 0.56 2005-02-14

We've had a couple of reports that recent versions of PuTTY have trouble resolving hostnames, while other apps such as Windows Telnet, and old versions of PuTTY, work fine. However, the only Win95 system I (JTN) have access to appears to work fine in this regard; on that system the Windows Sockets 2 upgrade is not installed, whereas on all of the problem systems WinSock2 does appear to be installed. (We changed to dynamically loading WinSock 2 where available in all applications between 0.53b and 0.54; previously all the apps except Plink linked against WinSock 1.)

The error reported is "ssh_init: Host does not exist".

I (JTN) have had a brief look at the 0.56 name resolution code and can't see anything obviously wrong or potentially dubious about it.


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