PuTTY bug window-title-internal-charset

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summary: Can't set window title in ISO 8859 character sets and a few others
class: bug: This is clearly an actual problem we want fixed.
difficulty: fun: Just needs tuits, and not many of them.
absent-in: 4f41bc04ab27953cce112070b796b52a8d0de52d 0.76
present-in: c35d8b832801d926a16ad29c416b969654051ef0 0.77
fixed-in: a216d86106d40c38f05f1ffc03996be54d590aa6 (0.78)

As of PuTTY 0.77, the escape sequences that set the terminal window title are interpreted according to the currently configured character set. (Previously, they were interpreted according to the OS's default character set, which was not what the server sending such a sequence was expecting; see window-title-charset.)

Unfortunately, on Windows, this introduced a bug in which for some single-byte character sets, such as the ISO 8859 family, the character set conversion would fail, and the window title would end up set to the empty string instead of the intended text.

This bug affects the character sets that PuTTY implements internally using built-in translation tables:

Character sets that PuTTY handles using the Windows API, such as Win1252 and KOI8-R, are unaffected. UTF-8 is also unaffected.

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