Short: Strip/conv HTML MAIL and autopost STOP! Author: (Kenneth C. Nilsen) Uploader: kennecni idgOnline no (Kenneth C Nilsen) Type: comm/thor Version: 1.3 Replaces: comm/thor/DetagHTML* Architecture: m68k-amigaos FAST html tag stripper and entities converter (to ISO). Binary less than 5 kb. PUBLIC DOMAIN. Asm source included. NEW ** All entities added! Better header information in post (from script) More features in script *Special* support for use within Thor (thrue arexx): --- Have you ever seen this on the USENET:
blah "blah" blah
  ? Sick of it ? I am and HTML code doesn't belong on the Usenet.. HTML code is for WEB! (try tell that to a PeCe/Netscape user.. :-/ ). If you use Thor 2.2+ this package is ideal for you: When you see a HTML posting on the Usenet you can press a function key, the package will then convert the HTML MAIL to non-html content, replace the current message in the window with a readable text, then optionally add an event to Thor which makes a follow-up to the author of the html posting which tells him/her to stop using html code on the usenet. The only requirement is that the converter finds a tag in the message. Besides, the binary is quite fast stripping html tags and converting entities to ISO (it covers most entities). It uses less than 4 seconds on a heavy-html-use 1.1 meg HTML file (less than 2 seconds on stripping, the rest on converting). This is on a Amiga 4000/030/25/cache. On smaller files like 21 kb it uses < 0.4 second (the small difference (1MB/20KB time) is due to cache). Some percent goes to reading/writing the file. You can use the binary as you want, configure it to your favourite system, or just use the binary as a standalone tool. The package is PUBLIC DOMAIN and you will find assembler source to the converter program in the archive. Just remember to credit me if you change or use the source for your own programs :^) Happy usenet'ing! --- Kenneth C. Nilsen ( http://*** new comming up ***