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The Office for IT and Procurement at the Uppsala University is commissioned by the board of the Swedish University Network (SUNET) to develop and maintain the FTP archive. The main focus during the last several years has been upon technical matters, however in the coming years content development will overtake that in priority.

To get a better understanding of what academics and public employees need from the archive, we have a Content Advisory Group, consisting of a diverse collection of interested people that regularly come with constructive critic on what we should focus on.

On a normal day there are three part-time employees involved in the daily maintenance of the system, including system management, content management, and user support.

To take contact with the crew, please send an e-mail to archive@ftp.sunet.se for technical matters or to contentadvisorygroup@ftp.sunet.se for content issues, and we will do our very best to handle your issue promptly.

Technical information:

The system is built using primarily IBM components. A number of physical machines provide service to our users around the world. Each of these servers are connected to a disk subsystem and share the same (ftp data) file system.
The main hardware includes:
  • 3 qty IBM pSeries JS23, 2*2,4 GHz POWER 6 CPU, 32 GB RAM
  • 2 qty IBM xSeries 335, 2*3 GHz Xeon CPU, 512 MB RAM
  • 1 qty IBM XiV enterprise disk array.
  • 2 qty IBM 2005-B32 fibre channel switches
The JS23 machines are the hosts providing the actual archive services, the xSeries machines are used for load balancing requests. Data is currently stored in an IBM GPFS file system.

In addition to the above, some switches (and a lot of cables) are used to tie it all together, using Fiber Channel for the storage parts and Gigabit Ethernet for the rest.

Finally, it is all connected to the outside world using Bifrost routers which are built in-house. These are Linux PCs that handle both routing and firewall functions.

The system is designed to handle 4,000 http sessions and 10,000 ftp sessions simultaneously.
Available disk space is currently at 18 TB and the system can handle an overall throughput of 2 Gbps.

Traffic Volume

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