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Content Policy


The SUNET-archive contains software together with sound, image and text material that can be freely distributed over the internet.

The main purpose of the archive is to provide material that is useful to employees, researchers and/or students in Swedish universities and colleges.

Examples of appropriate material

Software, such as:
  • Distributions of operating systems
  • Systems for business administration
  • Older and historical software

Documents, such as:
  • Standards
  • Guides and handbooks
  • FAQ and Howto-documents

Examples of non appropriate material
  • Material that demands special functionality in the archive, such as authentication and dynamic web pages
  • ”One-man distributions” of operating systems


Exceptions from the policy can be made in individual cases.

SUNET Archive anonymity and logging policy.

The SUNET Archive only collects traffic data for the purpose of problem solving and statistics, typically traffic volume and file popularity.

Section 9 of the Swedish Personal Data Protection Act states that; The controller of personal data shall ensure that personal data are not kept for a longer period than that as is necessary having regard to the purpose of the processing.

Since IP numbers may be considered personal data, only the first part of an IP address, corresponding to that of a class B network is retained in the archive logs. This is enough for statistical purposes but not enough to identify a particular user.

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